James Blake has travelled all around England, Europe, The Balkans, The Mediterranean, North Africa, North & Central America and New Zealand in pursuit of his love of art and photography. Previous to art and photography James studied Public Media, Communications & Cultural Studies at Trinity & All Saints College, Leeds University and Fine Art Sculpture at the West Wales School of Art, as well as working as an artist, as a graphic and web designer and as a dj / club promoter. James was educated in England but was very fortunate to have spent his childhood in Malta and Dubai, with visits to South East Asia, Europe and Scandinavia with his parents.

This blog contains links to all of the books James has published for his travel and art photography since 2011 and for his travel photography from 2004 to 2007 (when James travelled in Sardinia, North Africa, Central Europe, The Balkans, North and Central America). Also in 2007 James lived in London for a year and studied at The BFI, after which James moved to New Zealand for 3 years (2008 – 2010). Everything for that period has either been lost or survived in very poor quantity or quality, so only a few ‘thumbnails‘ have been added.

Also here are links to books for his music mixes, graphic/web design and fine art that James created between 1990 and 2003. As well as hand full of the mixes mixed between those years too. All of the books were recovered, repaired and re-presented in 2018 and 2019 (up to ‘The Art Of Life‘). The music, art and design and photography are all interlinked as ‘two halves of the same coin‘. A balance of creativity and observation.

James is also a member of WPO and Lightstalkers and his work has featured in The Courier (UK), The Kent Messenger (UK), Kent On Sunday (UK), Cyprus Weekly (Cyprus), Options Newspaper (Cyprus), Sunday Mail (Cyprus), Mondo In Tasca (Italy), Guida Viaggi (Italy), Globetrotter Magazine (Italy), De Duinstreek (Holland) and The Photographer’s Mail (New Zealand) and has been exhbited in Holland, New Zealand and Cyprus (where it was very positively recieved in the media – “Extraordinary” “Spectacular”, “Stunning“, “Amazing“, “Beautiful“).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your photos are lovely, James. Many just come alive. I read on your site that your work was featured in De Duinstreek. What work is that? Do you have a link to the page your work is on, or referenced on? You know where to find me. Cheers – Renee


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