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website (landscape) (11)James Blake has travelled all around England, Europe, The Balkans, The Mediterranean, North Africa, North & Central America and New Zealand in pursuit of his love of art and photography. Previous to art and photography James studied Public Media, Communications & Cultural Studies at Trinity & All Saints College, Leeds University and Fine Art Sculpture at the West Wales School of Art, as well as working as an artist, as a graphic and web designer and as a dj / club promoter. James was educated in England but was very fortunate to have spent his childhood in Malta and Dubai, with visits to South East Asia, Europe and Scandinavia with his parents.

This blog contains links to all of the books James has published for his photography since 2011. Between 2004 and 2010 James lived in Cornwall for 10 months (2004), travelled in North Africa, Central Europe, The Balkans, North and Central America for 18 months (2004 – 2006) and then lived in London for a year (2007), and after that lived in New Zealand for 3 years (2008 – 2010). Everything for that period has survived in very poor quantity or quality. Some of which can be seen here below. Also here are links to books for his music mixes, graphic/web design and fine art that James created between 1993 and 2003. As well as hand full of the mixes mixed between those years too. All of the books were recovered, repaired and re-presented in 2018 and 2019 (up to ‘The Art Of Life‘). The music, art and design and photography are all interlinked as ‘two halves of the same coin‘. A balance of creativity and observation.

James is also a member of WPO and Lightstalkers and his work has featured in The Courier (UK), The Kent Messenger (UK), Kent On Sunday (UK), Cyprus Weekly (Cyprus), Options Newspaper (Cyprus), Sunday Mail (Cyprus), Mondo In Tasca (Italy), Guida Viaggi (Italy), Globetrotter Magazine (Italy), De Duinstreek (Holland) and The Photographer’s Mail (New Zealand) and has been exhbited in Holland, New Zealand and Cyprus (where it was very positively recieved in the media – “Extraordinary” “Spectacular”, “Stunning“, “Amazing“, “Beautiful“).

From The Art Of Life down to Morocco & The Western Sahara is all photography. From Zeropilot :: Imperfectly Human down to Rave The Rythmn is all music, art and design.

James is currently based in Cranbrook, England.

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The Art Of Life (Book)

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Over the years James Blake has been to quite a few places and as a result has seen quite a few things. In more recent years he has also photographed alot of things. James seems to have an interest in pretty much everything he sees. But the most outstanding things he has seen have been Figurative Sculptures; the physicalisation of people in stone (and metal) is to James something fascinating and phenomenal. It seems to him to be expressing something totally fundamental to who we are as people, in that it is an attempt to immortalise ourselves forever, to say ‘I lived’. Figurative Sculpture itself is one of, if not the, oldest artforms man has ever created, dating back at least 40,000 years, if not more. So it is, and always has been, the closest we get to ourselves in art. And being made of stone (or metal) it has the possibility of lasting forever. The other obvious thing James sees everywhere he goes is people. And as a result of not being a trained photographer James has ended teaching himself to photograph people in a way that is heavily influenced by the Figurative Sculpture that he sees; so much so that he has actually ended up ‘sculpturising’ the people he photographs. As a result James has ended up trying to immortalise people, with a camera, as if he was a sculptor. This book contains some of the inspirational photographs of Figurative Scultpure that James has seen on his travels and a number of photographs of actual, real life, living people, James has attempted to ‘Sculpturise’. The crystalisation of this concept came about after 2011 and a visit to Marseille in France, and was amplified further after seeing the sculpture ‘Tommy‘ in Seaham, England in 2015.

This book contains photographs from England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czechia, France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Israel.